A Turkish industrial giant (“Turkish Industry Holding “) will build a new and private industrial park near Mekelle (on 484 ha, 11 factories, 2800 employees, ~ US$ 870 million FDI). This industrial park will also feature a privately built (by the Turkish “AKSA Energy”) and privately operated gas co-generation power plant with 500 MW capacity, with 135 MW expected to be used by the industrial park, while the remaining 365 MW will be fed into the national grid. The factories are expected to be in the “Heavy Industries” sector. Turkish Industry Holding is active in the construction sector (steel, granite, paper, fibres, ceramics, etc…).

The exact location of the industrial park / the power plant is expected to be near Adi Gudem south of Mekelle. Adi Gudem also has a railway station of the new Mekelle-Weldiya railway currently under construction. Finally a good reason to build this railway…

President Mulatu Teshome apparently was involved a lot into achieving this landmark FDI (he was in Turkey on a state visit not too long ago)